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Our Main Services


From conceptualization to implementation, we are skilled in marketing businesses & individuals across all industries. We are crazy about marketing.

Graphic Design & Visual Media

Our funky & creative division who play a major role across all our divisions. These talented individuals are strange but incredibly creative, in both design and video.

Web & App Design

Proud, Passionate & Detailed. These are what our Web & Mobile development team are all about.

Social Media

We live in a social age where social media is at our finger tips! Get talking to the masses & build a hip and current brand online!

Our 7 Step Process

Step One

Planting The Seed

All ideas start with planting a seed. During this time it’s…

Step Two

Understanding The Enviroment

Before building any strategy it’s important that we understand…

Step Three

Building The Plan

This is the time where our team, after understanding the…

Step Seven

Managing The Crop

By constantly monitoring the marketing exposure through detailed
reporting and analytics, we are able to…

Step Four

The Care

The importance of 24 hour monitoring ensure that the plan is…

Step Five

Spreading Roots

Through this caring approach we are able to create good…

Step Six


Implementation and complete control of the marketing…