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Welcome to the world of Social Roots Media.


We are proud to offer only the best when it comes to brand, online & Social marketing solutions. Our vast experience in various industries allows us to provide tailor-made solutions for all our clients.

We believe there is no vanilla approach to marketing businesses/individuals, its for this reason that we study all our clients by spending time with individuals from these organisations, this way we begin understanding the direction and culture of the business.

Services Available


From conceptualization to implementation, we are skilled in marketing businesses & individuals across all industries. We are crazy about marketing.

Social Roots Media understands that each business carries its own uniqueness, our job is for the world to know about you and your business


Our funky & creative division who play a major role across all our divisions. These talented individuals are strange but incredibly creative.

Our design team interact with every division within our business daily as we believe in complete consistency with design.

This ensures your brand keeps its integrity.

Web & App Development

Proud, Passionate & Detailed. These are what our Web & Mobile development team are all about.

We are meticulous on web and mobile app design as this ultimately becomes the face of your business and first impressions are extremely important.

We are able to develop on the following web platforms;

  • HTML
  • WordPress
  • Joomla
  • Magento

We are able to build beautiful eCommerce sites for all our clients needs.

Mobile application development

  • ios
  • Android

Social Media Marketing

The world has become social. Social Roots Media is passionate about the way you are exposed through social media.

Should your brand need to be represented on social network we have the tools to drive traffic to the desired location.

We understand your business and select only the social networks applicable to your industry as we believe one should not be on social media just for the sake of it.

For pricing please contact us!